What does the trend of using canvas bags mean?

Recently, it is not difficult to see on the streets, shops or shopping centers the image of young people, from office workers to housewives, everyone carries with them a canvas bag that often called the environmental protection cloth bag. So why does it have such a name and is being used so much by everyone?

Although appearing in Vietnam quite late, burlap bags still find their own place in the market. The reason why the burlap bag is called the environmental protection bag is that it is derived from a 100% natural canvas material which is made from flax and cotton fibers woven together. Because of this advantage, canvas bags today are increasingly loved and used by people because of their environmental friendliness as well as not affecting users and causing plastic waste in the environment.


First, we have to mention the materials to produce burlap bags. Most companies, establishments or in markets today are selling burlap bags made of various fabrics such as canvas, felt, cotton, poly fabric. In general, the design is the same. The only difference is material. The environmentally friendly burlap bags are quite cheap and especially washable and reusable for many times to save costs.

The canvas bag is not only an ordinary item bag, but now also becomes a trend of modern fashion styles, contributing to creating diversity for the fashion industry. Burlap bags in addition to being environmentally friendly, they are also suitable for product packaging, helping to promote brands for businesses effectively at a low cost.

Therefore, burlap bags are contributing to creating values not only for the environment, for society but also for consumers, especially for businesses.


Plastic bags are the biggest cause of environmental pollution, because plastic bags take 500 years to decompose in natural conditions. Meanwhile, canvas bags placed outdoors for 90 days can be self-biodegradable, up to 5 years indoors, non-toxic, tasteless and no residue, no pollution. . Therefore, choosing for yourself a canvas bag is completely helpful.


Referring to the designs of burlap bags must include colors, prints, patterns or message lines. Patterns and shapes are made quite simply, without being frill and with a certain meaning.

Most people can find a drawing that they like, suitable for their personal preferences because the designs are very diverse. In addition to the shape and pattern, logos and brands are also used by many businesses to print on the burlap bag to help promote the brand to the customer and the rate of approaching customers is higher and higher.


All ages are suitable to wear a burlap tote bag. From children, adults, and the elderly, it is easy for them to choose the right bag.

The bag can hold clothes, books, personal belongings or fruits, food, etc. This is suitable for all daily activities of people. When we go to the store to buy things, instead of accepting plastic bags, we can refuse and put them in our personal burlap bags. By doing so, we have partially protected the environment, expressed a sense of community and civilization towards nature.

In everyday life, using a burlap bag also helps keep the environment around us from the risk of serious damage. Using burlap bags is to show civilization, understanding the environment, and a sense of joining hands with the community to build an Earth free of plastic waste.

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