What are the advantages of Canavi burlap?

1. What is burlap?
Burlap fabric is a coarse, textured fabric woven from hemp. There are many questions about whether or not burlap is cotton or canvas? The answer is yes.
Hemp is one of the earliest sources of fiber in the world. It was the Chinese who created the cloth and rope from hemp around 3000 BC. In 1500 BC, the Indians used cotton to weave together with hemp yarn. Then in the 8th century when Moors and Saracens brought cotton from North Africa to Europe, in Barcelona and Venice, cotton was added to the weaving process to produce sails for boats. Later, around the beginning of the 20th century, this fabric was introduced by the Americans into production on conveyor belts.

2. Classification of burlap
Burlap is classified based on the material, characteristics and features that make it up, so it is classified into the following main fabrics:

  • Khaki weighing 14oz (100% Polyester)
  • Burlap weighing 4oz, 6oz, 12oz (100% cotton)
  • Burlap weighing 18oz (100% cotton burlap)
  • Burlap weighing 12oz (65% cotton, 35% polyester)

Some types of commonly used burlap in the market:

Burlap fabric made of synthetic fibers such as nylon and PE: this fabric has a very high strength, now it is used in many different fields serving the needs of different purposes.
Burlap fabric woven from hemp: this fabric is one of the fabrics with many outstanding physical advantages such as excellent resistance to moisture, high temperature resistance, good durability, etc. Despite all those advantages, this fabric lacks aesthetics and softness.
Burlap fabrics made of linen: this fabric can be used as a linen to weave into canvas, but the cost is quite high which is usually 2 to 3 times as much as common cotton. Consequently, when using this fabric, users should reconsider and choose the canvas fabric to suit the conditions and save unnecessary costs.
Burlap fabrics woven from cotton: this fabric is very popular today, combined with cotton yarn. This fabric is cheap and durable, so it is used by many designers to make fashion items.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of burlap

a. Advantages:

  • This fabric is very light so it is easy to store, clean, fold and roll, so it saves space and time.
  • The waterproof ability of this fabric is very good when it rains.
  • Burlap has a very good ability to hold color even in harsh conditions.
  • Burlap fabric is 100% cotton, so it is very safe, reusable and extremely eco-friendly.
  • It is easy to design or print information and images on the beautiful fabric surface
  • Eventually, burlap has one of the biggest advantages: it easily combines with chemical properties to increase its naturalness, with its resistance to water-resistant mildew.

b. Disadvantages:

  • Because the burlap has good absorbency, the lifespan of this fabric will not be high.
  • Burlap is unable to withstand sharp and hard objects or heavy loads.
  • The fabric of the burlap is quite thick, so it will take more time to dry than other fabrics.

4. Burlap application

Thanks to the positive characteristics of burlap, this fabric has many great uses:

  • Burlap fabric is widely used in the fashion design industry as well as advertising companies.
  • Used in interior decoration.
  • Used in producing all kinds of shoes, curtains, home decoration, items in industry, aviation, marine, etc.
  • The bags made from burlap, used as food bags, are trusted by many housewives.
  • Used to hold sand to prevent erosion, floods…
  • Replacing almost all kinds of plastic bags, non-biodegradable items, contributing to environmental protection, making the environment significantly improved.



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