What is heat press non woven bag?
Laminated nonwoven bags are manufactured in closed production line which apply advanced technology. Every stage are performed by high-tech machinery under the supervision of experts to ensure the absolute quality of the end product. Therefore the non-woven bag stands out with amazing merits:

– Have great endurance, durable and long- lasting
The non-woven fabric is made out of pulled synthetic resins which bonded by chemical binders under high temperatures which helps to better the ability to handle weight of the product. Additionally the bag’s edges are glued together by heat-press technology. The two edges of the bag are pressed together under high temperatures causing the synthetic resins (the composition of the non-woven fabric) to melt and fastened together into one seamless seal.

– Realistic and long- lasting color effect
Non-woven fabric is printed by digital printing method which makes printing process faster, more accurate, the colors appear true to the design, opaque and vibrant.

– Environmentally friendly
Nonwoven bags are absorbent, soft and durable. That’s why it is easy to reuse multiple times.
Nonwoven bags decompose completely in about 2-3 years faster than normal plastic bags.

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