What is burlap bag?
Burlap bags or Canvas bags are made mainly from cotton, sisal yarn. Other type can combine with polyester yarn.
Currently “tui vai Viet” (Viet cloth bags) are providing a variety of burlap bags such as: digital printed burlap bags, cross-stitched burlap bags, burlap cosmetic bags, plain burlap bags (teen choice) , leather and cotton burlap bags, luxury burlap bags (usually use as business gifts), …

Uses and advantages of burlap bags
– High durability, safe and eco-friendly
The main material formed the canvas bag is cotton fiber, sisal fiber which has high endurance and can handle weight well. Moreover all of this component are biodegradable and does not contain toxic substance so it is completely safe and friendly to the environment.

– Beautiful and diverse designs
Diverse designs with many beautiful and convenient designs are both modern and classic, suitable for all consumers of all ages.

– Long- lasting and easy to use
With the help of modern technology, burlap bags are easy to clean without the fear of being torn, crushed or faded colors.

– Showing style and character
– Burlap bags are not only useful but they also help owners express their personalities through the unique designs. This is also a tool to help businesses and shop owners promote their brands more widely and effectively.

Vietnamese fabric bags produce and distribute quality burlap bags, diverse designs and competitive prices

Proud to be one of the pioneers in manufacturing and distributing nonwoven bags, burlap bags in the north of Viet Nam, “tui vai Viet” is committed to provide the best eco- friendly products to consumers.

“Tui vai Viet” specialize in designing, printing, manufacturing quality non-woven bags. The beautiful designs can be customized to fit the buyer’s requests.

Please contact us to have an ambassador to promote your brand closer to the hands of consumers, and to contribute to protecting our environment.

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