Blanket bag

A blanket bag is a familiar item which is given to customers when they purchase blankets. They are used to transport and preserve blankets from dirt and moisture.

Here is some information about the common and convenient bedding bags that we are offering to the market:

1. Non-woven PVC blanket bag

Being a popular blanket bag, sewn from non-woven fabric with a transparent bag made of PVC material, it helps customers to see the product inside easily.

Non-woven fabrics are prized for their durability, which can last up to 3-5 years. Therefore, the blanket bag can be used for a long time.

The characteristics of non-woven bags are quite thin, light, high air permeability, good absorption, … to help preserve products that need to be resistant to water, dirt such as water such as blankets, pillows and mattresses.

Non-woven blanket bags are appreciated for their safety and do not harm the health of users.

2. PVC blanket bag

The blanket bag has 3 basic parts: the body, the zipper and the handle

  • The body of the bag is made of high-strength PVC transparent plastic in order to withstand great compression. The body and hips often have many sizes depending on the size of the blanket and sheet. Hermetically sealed design to preserve the blanket, around the body edge there is an iron frame to help shaping the bag better.
  • The zipper surrounds the length of the bag body, usually lengthened to make it easier to fold. The zipper is usually carefully and skillfully sewn so as not to tear the plastic bag body.
  • The handle is made of a piercing strap, sturdy and convenient for carrying.



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