Recently, canvas bags, also known as burlap bags or tote bags, are one of the items that are constantly mentioned by strong coverage and meaningfulness towards the environment. In modern life, the wave of using cloth bags to replace plastic bags is more and more widespread. However, many people have questions about this bag. The article shows the 3 most basic characteristics that anyone who uses cloth bags or intends to use cloth bags should know.

1. Origin

Canvas bag, also known as burlap bag, is produced from canvas as its name. Canvas fabric is a fabric woven from hemp, with a distinctive feature that the fabric is woven horizontally in the form of a net, coarse, but quite strong and less absorbent.

During the flow of time, canvas fabric is not lost, but more and more interested, changed by manufacturers, upgraded to become a durable bag, suitable for each climatic condition and become an indispensable decoration item for those who love vintage style.

Canvas fabric carries the direction of nature, things of the past, keeps a classic and makes everyone feel comfortable. They are the advantages that make canvas bags become an item that is handed down throughout history.

Nowadays, canvas fabric is “processed” in many different ways, produced in a variety of colors, meeting increasing needs of users.

2. Usage

Canvas bags have many advantages, so it is used in many occasions, improving the quality of human life.

  • Document bags: Some lightweight, thin fabric bags can be used to store documents and papers for those who want to maintain a tidy lifestyle and separate papers by categories.
  • Utensils bag: with sturdy fabric bags, people can use them to store rice, clothes, personal belongings both at home or at work, which is convenient and durable.
  • Fashion bags: In recent years, the trend of using cloth bags as a fashion item is familiar. Canvas bags are suitable for all ages and genders.
  • Brand bag: for some agencies and businesses that want to disseminate their brand to consumers, this is a brand marketing way to bring positive reviews.

3. Positive impact on the environment

Canvas bags have a great impact on the environment: helping to protect the environment and limiting the use of plastic bags, which are harmful to the ecosystem. We have the following positive effects of canvas bags:

  • Minimize the use of plastic bags
  • Eco-friendly
  • Save cost of production and recycling of plastic bags
  • Decomposes rapidly in the environment and becomes organic fertilizer
  • Elegant color, creating a lifestyle close to nature
  • Build nature love for children
  • Minimize negative effects on emissions to the environment

Currently, there are many fabric bag manufacturers on the market. However, Canavi is proud to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of bulk cloth bags in the North of Vietnam. In addition, by both expanding the scale and looking for new potential customers, we are gradually aiming to produce with foreign customers and enterprises. In the domestic market, Canavi is the exclusive producer of canvas bags, branded fabric bags for Germe, Mint Cosmetic, Canifa, etc.

In Cavani, every bag is made with a closed, synchronous manufacturing process, ensuring there are no mistakes, even the smallest details. In addition, with a team of professional designers, we assist customers to convey everything they want for the bag in the most suitable and satisfactory way.

Currently, with a large number of orders per day, Canavi is the best priced manufacturer on the market, an indispensable choice for enterprises who are looking to produce large volume branded bags.



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