Lacing non-woven bag
What is lacing nonwoven bag?
Lacing non-woven bag is a type of non-woven bag that is highly appreciated for its durability because it is manufactured using a combination of modern machinery technology and the skillful craftsmanship .

The production process consists of 3 main stages:

– Stage 1: Designing the bags, installing designs on the production line, printing fabric, cutting fabric into basic shapes. are made by computers and modern technology lines so the accuracy is almost absolute.

– Stage 2: After being cut and printed the nonwoven fabric will be transferred to the processing factory. At this stage, skillful tailors will meticulously take precise seams to create the most perfect products.

– Final stage: Checking the quality of products and packaging.
The finished product will have an inspection team conducting meticulous inspection of each product, checking the quality of products, including sizes, stitches … to ensure the final product is perfect. Finally, the products will be packaged and ready for delivery.

The preeminent features of lacing non-woven bags
– Safe, high quality and environmentally friendly.
Made from high quality non-woven fabric, environmentally friendly and does not affect consumer health.

– Durable and easy to use
The lacing non-woven bag can load up to 20, 25kg. Apart from it’s ability to handle weight lacing-nonwoven bag is also easy to use and convenient.

– Wide range of product with creative design
Products made from non-woven fabric bags are diverse in order to suit all customers of different purposes.

– Low cost for high quality product
Reasonable price for a high- quality bag. So that everyone can own and use this amazing product. This also helps companies and business owners to promote their brand, bring the brand closer to the consumers.

High quality, useful, eco-friendly nonwoven bag is manufactured and distributed directly by “tui vai Viet” ( Viet cloth bags)

Proud to be one of the pioneers in manufacturing and distributing nonwoven bags, burlap bags in the north of Viet Nam, “tui vai Viet” is committed to provide the best eco- friendly products to consumers.

“Tui vai Viet” specialize in designing, printing, manufacturing quality non-woven bags. The beautiful designs can be customized to fit the buyer’s requests.

Please contact us to have an ambassador to promote your brand closer to the hands of consumers, and to contribute to protecting our environment.

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