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In recent years, Vietnam’s packaging market has mentioned a product that many people are interested in and aiming for – the Nonwoven Bag. This type of bag has been very popular and used on a daily basis in developed countries such as Japan, England, USA, France, Korea, Singapore or Malaysia … Nonwoven bags are becoming more and more popular thanks to it’s outstanding features such as waterproof, breathable, durable, washable and reusable…
 Have you ever heard of Nonwoven fabric?
 What is it?
Non-woven fabric is a new material that is widely used today. It is made mainly from a type of synthetic resin called PP, some other components are added depending on the purpose of the fabric. They are created by various technique: chemistry heat or mechanics. Because the fabric does not undergo the textile process that’s why it is called nonwoven.
Unlike conventional fabrics, non-woven fabrics are not created by “warp and weft” systems on  looms and sewing machines. The material for making non-woven fabric is natural fiber and it also undergo multiple stages of preparation like creating webs, padding fibers. Without going through the weaving stage, the fiber pad is immediately bonded by chemical binder (adhesive) or by mechanical method (hot pressing). This method allows wider range of materials as well as handles large-scale production.

Nonwoven fabric has many useful properties such as: absorbent, soft, breathable, elastic, durable and does not cause allergic reaction. The outstanding advantages of non-woven fabrics are biodegradable.
What are non-woven bags?
At its most basic, non-woven bags are bags made from non-woven fabric. The useful characteristics of non-woven bags has made it extremely popular in today’s life.
Through it’s different designs, non-woven bags packaging achieves high aesthetics with outstanding colors, utility and attract the attention and interest of customers. Non-woven bags are always a smart choice for businesses in brand promotion, new product launches, promotional offers with products, shopping bags, products for conferences …
In addition, non-woven fabrics can be used as CD covers, medical gowns, masks …

At the beginning, the plastic bag was considered a great innovation thanks to its ability to waterproof, durable and difficult to break down, to be sustainable in nature. However in the long run, the fact that it is difficult to decompose in the natural environment has become an environmental issue. According to scientific studies, plastic bags need between 500-1,000 years to decompose. With the demand for bags products nowaday, people are facing serious environmental issue.
The United Nations calls for the slogan: “Join hands to protect the green environment”. This action encourages people to reduce the use of plastic bags and support the use of alternative materials for production and consumption such as biodegradable, eco-friendly nonwoven bags. Nonwoven bags is considered as the best solution to gradually replace the plastic bags and change the habit of using nilon bags.

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